On-Demand Delivery: The Growing Demand for Click and Collect

On-Demand Delivery: The Growing Demand for Click and Collect


Growing Demand for click-and-collect and home delivery have proved crucial throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They are linking with an increase in online food retail sales. 

Though this on-shelf availability can face hurdles or problems as stores try to fulfill orders. Keep reading to explore more about top tips for handling the increased online demand. 

With this, you are able to save the in-store retail execution without letting fall behind. The emerging technology and COVID-19 forced us to move online. 

Nowadays, everyone is shifting online, and they want to make their most of the shopping online. Click & Collect, the on-demand delivery platform, is gaining popularity in the market as an omnichannel fulfillment framework.

With the aid of high returns, it can also preserve the in-store experience. Customers are allowed to save on the cost of delivery. 

It enables customers to enjoy the sp and easiness of collecting their desired order from a nearby place of your home.

In this post, we will learn and looks at how click & collect operates. We will also encounter the question that why click and collect is in demand. 

And why is it trending now? And the last question is that what retailers can do to make sure that click & collect experiences are also suitable for their business.

Growing Demand-What is Click & Collect?

It’s an on-demand delivery software which known as buy online and collect from store. Click and collect is comes under the omnichannel flow. It allows shoppers to make purchases online and pick up their order by physically visiting the store nearby your location. 

Instead of waiting at home for the delivery, the collection point is normally a local retail store, but it can be a post office, or it may be even another retailer’s store.

Growing Demand-What is omnichannel retail? 

Omni-channel is we can say it’s a multi-platform sales strategy. That offers the customer an integrated customer experience. 

Omni-channel retail tries to meet and see the customer at their multiple touchpoints and combine their experience regarding your brand or shop. It could be done through the online platform, social media, or physical in-store. 

Growing Demand-What makes Click & Collect a success with shoppers

Customers want three things or benefits like speed, low cost, and convenience of the fulfillment model. 

As in COVID-19 time, people are conscious regarding health and safety. It provides a much better way to avoid shopping in crowded places. 

One can still enjoy the advantages of local retail shops while sitting at home and using a smartphone or laptop, whereas technology and interest in click & collect are not new. Yes! In 2020 we saw huge demand and completely turned it into one of the most popular retail trends. Demands are the reason behind it. 

The previous year 2017, the Click & Collect survey was conducted on Retail Consumer Preference that discloses that approximately one-third of shoppers prefer online purchase and subsequently collect their order up from store during the holiday season. Talking about 2020, where in-store collection or pick-up boost in May.

Growing Demand-Engaging online customers through stores

The in-store experience is yet an essential touchpoint for retail chains which are looking to boost the relationship with their user and customers. 

Click & collect provides the best opportunity for users, clients, and shoppers to browse more as they want and buy extra items when collecting their online shopping orders.

Optimize the middle mile

 Click and collect is also aid in a way for retailers to enhance their delivery system. Since retailers shop already requires to deliver items or goods to their stores to refill or for replenishment. 

They have the ability to make more efficient use of currently available vehicles. With the help of this, they can reduce transportation costs and other expenses by delivering items for in-store fulfillment at the same time.

The challenges

By 2021, it will no longer be a query regarding whether retailers provide in-store omnichannel fulfillment frameworks – the one crucial thing is how good or best their fulfillment experience is compared to its competitors.

Customer expectations

customers are changing with time. Now customers want to collect their orders when convenient for them and ultimately depend on customers when they want to collect. Their order must be ready for collection as customers don’t want to wait for more than five minutes. 

They don’t want or like to wait. Customers expect that once they reach the store, now it’s the store’s representative responsibility to reach them quickly and cater to them. 

How far is your location from a customer? is it close to them? How long customers have to wait for collecting or picking up their orders? Is their order ready? How long will customers stand in line and wait for their turn to pick their order from the store? 

Again, you have to consider one thing and bear in mind that today’s customers are not willing to spend their time more than five minutes.

 You have to deliver their order within 5 minutes else it will leave a bad mark on your capabilities. Don’t make them wait for their order.

Speed to market

in-store collection or pick-up is on its way to becoming completely commoditized. currently, most retailers have applied some form of purchase online, collection, or pick-up in-store option or even if it’s not digitized or automated until now.

In 2021, this question is not discussed more. Regarding whether retailers offer a click & collect -on the other side, how good their fulfillment experience is as compared to their competitors.

How to set it up

If you want to set up click and collect operations, you must keep in mind some basic things, such as you will require to incorporate your systems. 

Along with this, you have to include your POS and inventory management system. If you have an online channel such as a mobile application or website, it must show available updates at pick-up points.


 you have to select which points or locations must be available for the customer. If you want to automate this, you have to create the rules. 

Like how many different locations customers will get to select from and the distance used to locate or find out the available stores or pick-up points. 

Let’s discuss it more. Take an example; retailers should set rules. Only stores within an individual X radius of the dedicated customer will be displayed as the collection or pick-up options).

After that, Brands must decide which new technologies they will deploy to build an effective and efficient, customer-centric flow.

End Notes.

Click and Collect is beneficial for both the retailers and customers. It is the most popular trend in the market, and retailers must consider it as an essential part when they develop their growth strategy.

Cubix and other multiple companies think out of the box regarding retailers to aid them and quickly digitize, automate and enhance their deliveries and fulfillments on a large scale.   

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