Simple Formula That Will Improve Your Parenting Style

Simple Formula That Will Improve Your Parenting Style

Parenting Style my husband was brought up in a strict environment and that has left some distinctive mark on his overall personality and parenting style. Few days ago he had a heated argument with our teen daughter. Turned out he was unable to find Alisbat’s profile on the social media app. Obviously, he got blocked but he asked about the reason and tried to proved that it was an unjustified action from her. On the other hand, I am that middle man who understands both parties’ situation. I know that my husband sent follow request to one of his classmates and he found it creepy and asked Alisbat that why is her father trying to follow him and how he found out about his rock music page as well. Long story short it was kind of a big deal for my daughter that his father searched his classmates and find his secret id. On the other hand, I can understand the heart of the father and his intentions but this is the 21st century you cant directly follow or stalk teen daughter classmates.

It was very uncomfortable to watch. Teenagers must understand that we parents don’t just overreact every time. We are just concerned for their well-being and security. On the other hand, parents must try to find new ways to fulfill their duties for these technologically advanced generations who put everything under stalking and believe in sharing with the public than with the family. The whole fiasco was the reason I found out about the TheOneSpy parental control app for android. This solution tamed my husband’s madness and anger and he straightaway gets the TheOneSpy spy app for monitoring.

TheOneSpy spy app offers wonderful parental control features that can help the parents to know about their teenager’s daily life and company.

Followers List In your Access:

No need to directly send a follow request to your teenager’s friends or school mates. Now you can keep your eye on all the followers of your teen Instagram account with the Instagram spy app of TheOneSpy. This feature let the user have access to all the Instagram activities, story updates, comment and follow account information. You can even check their chat box and voice message details as well with the Instagram spy app.

Know About the Phone Book Logs:

Have remote access to the incoming and outgoing call logbook of the teenager to know who they are in contact with through their phones. All the call log book details are reported with time information. Thus any late-night call will be reported to the parents by the call log feature of the TheOneSpy.

Be With Them Virtually:

You can virtually be with them on their way back home from school or a trip out of town.TheOneSpy offer mic bug feature that let the user listen to all the surrounding sound of the target person through their device Thus you can listen to all the random discussion with friends or talk with any stranger. This can help in case of any emergency.

Know About The Media Files :

TheOneSpy gives remote access to the photo album folder of the android device of the teenager. You can check the captured, downloaded, or shared media file that includes sender and receiver images or video as well. Make sure any kind of sexual or adult content is saved in your teenager device.

Save Them From Online Bullies:

Instant media chatting apps are commonly used among teenager groups. TheOneSpy offers instant message monitoring features that let the parents know about all the instant message chat app activities of the teenagers. You can know about the WhatsApp group chats, Viber or Line call record or Imo and Kik voice message or video call information. Use WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Viber spy app, Imo spy app, Kik spy app, and many others to know about the online community of the kids. 

The use of the TheOneSpy parental control app for android has completely changed the parenting style of my husband. Now he is more satisfied with the friends, choices, and company of my teenagers as he knows about their hobbies, interest, and personalities. Just like us, you can also keep eye on smart gadgets like desktops, laptops, and tablets with Mac and Windows spy app versions of the TheOneSpy.

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