Is Glamping more Expensive than Camping?

Is Glamping more Expensive than Camping?

In the majority of cases, Glamping does end-up more expensive than camping. The reason why glamping
is more expensive than camping is that you need a lot of items to set-up the glamp. As the name shows
Glamping is a glam-camp, which means you will be going to need such items that you cannot use in your
daily life.
For an amazing and a full glamping experience , you need stuff that is not necessarily required in
camping. Different factors also involve, which contribute to making camp more expensive than
First things first, for glamping you need a camp tent that is specifically designed for it. The next thing
is to grab a mattress and obviously to transport all the stuff to your destination you need a car. The
transportation to your campsite’s cost is also included in camp.
The necessities that you have to buy for glamping are:

  • Glamping Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Bedding
  • Other Essentials like food and drinks

As glamping is a stylish and luxurious getaway, and you can set up your glamp anywhere, you will have
to take these essentials with you. Besides this, you can also book your luxurious camp where you can
fully relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about taking care of anything. Again, it adds up to the
costs and can be costly as compared to traditional camping.
However, there are different types of camp that you can go for depending on your requirement.
Some prominent types of glamping are:

Yurts Glamping

If you want to enjoy the ultimate luxury camp experience then nothing can be the best option than
Yurts. Glamping in a yurt offers a complete camping experience but in a more stylish form. It provides an
opportunity to enjoy camping with all the essentials that are a part of your everyday lifestyle.
This type of camp offers more space and provides a good space room to sleep for multiple people. It
is the best part of yurt camp that you do not have to compromise on space. As well as the interior is
beautifully designed which makes your glamping experience more enticing and amazing.

Glamping in a Cabin

Glamping in a cabin provides an opportunity to experience traditional camping stylishly. Despite
sleeping on the ground camp provides proper bedding where you can enjoy a sound sleep. camp
in a cabin is an upgraded form of camping with more amenities and other benefits,
You can still have the camping experience but with camp in a cabin, you do not have to worry about
the bathroom or hot and cold water. Electricity, cooking, washing in each facility is provided in camp,
which is the best thing about it.

Luxury RV

Another form of glamping is in a luxury RV, which provides an opportunity to have the traditional
camping experience in a luxury car. The luxury RV camp is also one of the amazing types of glamping,
which allows you to have a wonderful experience.
The luxurious lifestyle mixed with the traditional elements of camping forms a unique and stylish
getaway. Again, depending on the type of camp and different factors the cost of glamping increases
as compared to camping.

Safari Tents

Safari tent glamping is another form of stylish camping, which offers endless opportunities to people.
Whether you decide to plan a trip with friends or want to have a family getaway at a beautiful place.
Safari tents perfectly serve you.
These tents are a stylish form of camping, which at the same time offers more space for multiple people
to live. As well as provides all the necessities that you need in your everyday life. So, you can enjoy a
perfect camping experience without compromising on your lifestyle.

Treehouse Glamping

Treehouse camp is another most popular yet modern type of glamping. The latest architecture, with
all the amenities, provides a great opportunity to have the best luxurious vacations. As the name already
shows this camp is set up on the trees but it provides you all the essentials that you need in your
daily life.
While enjoying glamping in a treehouse you do not have to worry about the basic requirements like
cooking food, the bathroom, hot or cold water, and other stuff. So, it is another best form of camp.


Glamping is more expensive than camping, as a lot of factors contribute when it comes to camp. It is
a luxurious form of camping that provides all the basic amenities that you need in your daily lifestyle.
As well as the location, the type of camp and the duration of your stay, all these factors contribute to
making camp more expensive. It is a stylish type of camping, so it provides you complete comfort
but with a mix of traditional camping experiences, which makes it expensive than camping.

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