Can Invisalign be Attached to Top or Bottom Teeth Only?

Can Invisalign be Attached to Top or Bottom Teeth Only?

For a smile makeover, there are people that believe a partial treatment will be just fine. In this case, you can be considered for receiving Invisalign for just the top teeth or bottom teeth. If this is agreed upon, then a single arch treatment that involves wearing aligners for only one arch in your mouth will be carried out.

This treatment option works for patients who desire to correct a particular dental issue instead of working on the full set of teeth. It’s like a mini treatment that takes care of the area of the teeth affected.

Having this form of orthodontic treatment implies that you won’t have to pay so much for your Invisalign, plus the number of aligners you need will drop.

Single arch treatment: how it works

The traditional Invisalign treatment involves wearing aligners on both the upper and lower teeth. However, in the single arch treatment, you need to wear aligners on either the upper or lower teeth following what you need to be fixed.

Bear in mind that just like the typical Invisalign, not everyone may be eligible to have a single arch treatment. The dentist will evaluate this using case by case basis. Your occlusion (condition of bite) and the general needs you’ve got regarding your smile will be used to determine if this treatment is an option for you.

What teeth condition allows for receiving Invisalign on either the top or bottom teeth?

Invisalign for single arch works best when the number of misaligned teeth is few, and you need cosmetic work to make your teeth straighter and smile better.

In a case where you have overbites or crossbites, what you need is a treatment that caters for both arches (top and bottom). This implies that very severe cases of malocclusion may not get the right fix with the single arch treatment.

There are cases where single arch treatment is very effective. These include:

  • Front teeth with minor misalignment
  • Gaps or spacing
  • Misaligned tooth
  • Any teeth that appear when you smile
  • A case where an initial orthodontic treatment didn’t take care of your needs

Does the single arch treatment involve any risk?

When your bottom and top teeth come down together in a bite, your occlusion is said to be precise. This is the way a healthy bite is supposed to be. Should your bite be adjusted, the points where your teeth bite may change, leading to a higher or harder bite for some teeth in the mouth.

Following this, there may be toothache occurrences and wearing down of the teeth should this fail to be correctly done. For this reason, it is imperative to monitor your bite throughout the entire treatment.

At Chatfield Braces, our single arch treatment for upper or lower teeth will be done so well that your overall occlusion is not impacted. Since only a single arch in the mouth requires treatment, the entire arch (top and bottom) still demands consideration.

The good news here is that many single arch treatment with Invisalign involves moving the bottom and lower teeth at the front. In this way, movement is very possible with zero impact on the opposing teeth.

Easy treatment with Invisalign

Single arch treatment solves the problem of having to go for full treatment when what you actually need is a partial treatment. You have the freedom to choose a functional treatment. Do you know that realigning your front teeth can give you a straight smile you can put out on display on a daily? That’s what we are talking about – healthy teeth that makes smiling fun and without hesitation.

If you need Invisalign treatment to correct your smile, the starting price of our single arch Invisalign treatment is £2,000. Long gone are the days of putty impressions; right here, we have in application an iTero Intraoral Scanner – the up-to-date dentistry tech that helps out dentist get a 3D impression of your teeth and gums. This technology makes the procedure very safe and easy.

Key takeaways

Instead of having your entire teeth in invisible braces, you can simply take care of the part of teeth affected by a single arch treatment. Here, you can choose either to correct the upper teeth or the lower teeth. This reduces the cost of Invisalign and the number of required clear aligners.

The single arch treatment may not work for cases where the malocclusion is very serious. But for a problem with teeth that shows in a smile and others listed above, this treatment is suitable. There may be risks associated with correcting only the top or bottom teeth, but we would ensure you get the best treatment possible.

Get a single arch treatment

schedule a consultation with highly experienced and certified dentists to get best Invisalign treatment in London and determine the kind of treatment that will work for you.

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