Face Masks Are Here To Stay Even After The Pandemic

Face Masks Are Here To Stay Even After The Pandemic (1)

Face Masks the year 2020 started normally just like any other new year but with the onset of COVID-19 all around the world, we realized that mask has now become a necessity. Something that we need to wear all times in public places and suddenly we are one year down the line in 2021 and it is still there. This segment is about how it has seen a transition from being a daily necessity to now achieved the state of new fashion statement amidst the current time.

The year 2021, and we will be buying multiple Face Masks, one that we will be wearing in the market, one in the metro, and another one specially chosen to go with your outfit for an upcoming function that you will be a part of.

This new worldwide pandemic has taught us to embrace our face masks every time one is stepping out. But since they have been so much amidst us, we all found a way to bring it with our daily styling and made it a new fashion statement, a custom face mask Vancouver that will protect you yet look fabulous with your styling.

It is seen that adjusting to the new reality has always been difficult for everyone especially if things came down as a forcing since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was too quick worldwide. But the mask has been one thing that is easy to implement in your daily lifestyle and has stood tools in the lives of millions as saving them from the spreading virus. 

Apart from this, it is also considered a safeguard to keep you away from pollution and unwanted social exchanges of smiles. Since there is so much of this mask it soon turned into a fashion that is here to stay here with for the near future and will see many transitions as it has already done. But before talking about the future, let’s see the significance of these face masks in the current situation! Do you know what is eboy haircut on girl ?

1. Face Masks-Is it safety or fashion?

These days masks are being used for both purposes. Few people like to keep different masks for different purposes, an individual mask for each at the office, market, social events, and friends’ gatherings.  This is the period that is seeing the evolution of masks, and we are getting to learn the good and bad of these masks, how to use masks, and whether we should re-use them or change them over time.

2. A period without social greetings with a smile

One of the most visible things in 2020 is people roaming around everywhere with a mask on which was initially strange to see at first! But now, this is what seems to be normal where people carry it just like any piece of necessary clothing while stepping out for the meeting, exercising, running, and whatnot. These N95 masks provide a great sense of safety, something that we all need badly during this time.

3. Matching your masks with usual outfits

With the option of custom sublimation printing, you can customize your next mask and have the styling just like the way you want it to match as per your outfit. Initially, it was a bit dull since the mask was being carried because of safety purposes only no matter how bland they used to look but things are different now.

4. A must pick stuff while heading out

Few things used to be there as a must-pick-up whenever you are heading out. Earlier it used to be a wallet, car keys, and mobile phone, but 2020 made a new addition here and we can’t step out now without a mask. It has become a prime part of our life and although it was irritating at first to wear them, forgetting to wear them while stepping out but things didn’t take time to normalize.

5. Face Masks-New addition with selfie

We are so used to living with the masks now that at times we forget to remove them where we should, at least for a while. When we are into a gathering with our friends and colleagues, it is usual to take selfies and have fun, but often time taking masks down for selfies is a thing we have been forgetting. This makes you look like a part of some legendary rock band or a pop star who uses the mask as a fashion symbol and only a specific part of the face is visible. Covid-19

6. Do we have worse tomorrow?

It is so easy to say that mask is now a way of life but does the mask been used for pandemic only? The answer is No! the pollution level in urban cities is raising dangerously and it is time we speak up for the issues we and mother earth are facing. Since with the current pace, the day is not far when we would have to use oxygen cylinders for normal living.

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