scholarships for pakistani students
scholarships for pakistani students

Many students in Pakistan strive to study abroad for undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree programs. Unfortunately, due to a multitude of reasons, many find it challenging to do so. These reasons can be expense, hesitation, qualification issues and visa issues, among others. However, the biggest problem for students in Pakistan is that foreign degree programs are expensive. Very expensive indeed!

Countries offering fully funded scholarships for Pakistani Students:

For this reason, most Pakistani students choose to look for fully funded scholarships for programs abroad. The countries that offer the most scholarships to Pakistani students are primarily

  • Western Countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
  • Asian Countries, such as China and Japan, have also begun to offer more fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students for various courses and levels.

Basic Requirements:

Most fully funded scholarships for pakistani students require

  • Excellent Academic Background
  • Acceptable IELTS or TOEFL score
  • Engagements in community service or extracurricular activities

While some of the scholarships also require

  • Two or three recommendation letters from teachers, instructors and employers.
  • Some work experience (generally between two to four years); probably be needed for graduate programs, depending on the course.

Best fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students:

The top and best fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students are scholarships like

  • MEXT Scholarship, Japan
  • The Fulbright scholarship
  • Commonwealth scholarships
  • USEFP scholarships.

Government scholarships are also perfect for Pakistani students. Before applying for any scholarship, however, you must know what you want and be prepared not to get precisely what you want. You cannot be rigid when it comes to fully funded scholarships for programs abroad. The way to go when applying for fully funded scholarships is:

Identify the course you want to study:

Applying for any scholarship is a process that requires significant time and effort. The best way to apply for a scholarship is first to identify the course you want to study. This is not easy for anyone, as the world is full of unknowns and there are a plethora of different courses. Unfortunately, this step is of the utmost importance. You have to diligently work on identifying the course and courses that you wish to study.

The university, government, organisation, or body that awards the scholarship wants to know how much you want the scholarship. They cannot give scholarships to everyone that applies and wish to make sure that the most deserving and passionate candidate is awarded the scholarship. You need to feel strongly about the course you wish to pursue, or you will not qualify for your scholarship of choice no matter what.

After all, why award a scholarship to a student who is not fully sure about their course when there are other very passionate students right around the corner?

Identify the ideal countries for your scholarship:

Next, you must look at what countries have the preferred course you wish to study and which countries have scope in your preferred course. Say you want to study biochemistry. You will have to look into the appropriate countries for biochemistry. Different countries offer scholarships for other programs, and different countries are good for specific courses. When it comes to countries, you have to consider your needs rather than what you want. While everyone may want to go to the United States of America for their graduate degree, not everyone will be able to. You should be prepared for this.

Find Government scholarships in your chosen country:

After selecting a country, you will have to look up the country’s scholarships. Scholarships are offered by governments, universities, organisations and other bodies.

 For most international students, government (and sometimes university) scholarships are the best fully funded degrees scholarships. Governments want students from different countries to come and to build diplomatic relationships through education. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only be looking at government scholarships. It would be best if you consider scholarships of all kinds. 

Find fully funded scholarships from your selected country:

Apart from Government Scholarships, there are many external scholarships being offered to the students. You must take a good look at the offered scholarships. It is very likely that you will not be able to match the requirements of every single scholarship that you select. This is fine and something that you should already be prepared for.

The likelihood of being selected for the scholarship of your choice is low. You must always have other options, even if you are 100% sure that you will be awarded the scholarship of your choice Remember that there is never a certainty that you will be awarded the scholarship of your choice). Filter the scholarships which have less competitive requirements.

Match requirements:

To match the requirements of your scholarships of choice, it is very likely that you may have to give an exam like the GMAT or GAT or an English language proficiency exam like the IELTS or TOEFL. Carve out enough time to prepare for them. Never be hasty. Likewise, approaching your teachers or employers for recommendation letters will also take them. 

There is no need to be afraid, hesitant or apprehensive. Impostor system is not new, and you should not let it hold you back. There were many students before you who were just like you and thought they would not qualify for scholarships. If they were able to get fully funded scholarships for the course they wanted, so will you. There is no need to fret.

After you have matched all the requirements for your scholarships and course of choice, you are good to go! Good luck! There is no doubt that you will be awarded a fully-funded scholarship for your course of choice with hard work. 

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