How To Choose The Theme For An Instagram Account Without A “Product”

How To Choose The Theme For An Instagram Account Without A _Product_

Instagram account i welcome all those who have ever thought about starting their blog. And maybe there are many of them. Today, blogging with a common passion has increased into a profitable business. Sell goods and services through Instagram accounts, earn on ads and information products. Bloggers have become real stars. And many want the same life as their lives. If you have an active audience then the popularity and good returns that you are provided. But this audience still needs to be gathered.At the beginning of your blog, the hardest thing is to decide on the concept of a personal blog. But no need to worry, Here Binyameen (thebinyameen) explains all the essentials. Let’s find out what it is, why it needs to be, and how to create a blog on Instagram?

Is the Blog Concept so Important?

Concept (or title) is a set of ideal titles and instructions that you will write about in your account.

“The concept of the profile is what you write about, for whom and for what purpose.”Only public figures who have already seen hundreds of thousands of people can do without the main title of the profile. Have you ever collected an “Olympic” or been on the Forbes list or score a goal at the World Cup? If so, you don’t need the theme. Just publish your photos to please your users. If not, without the concept, you will find it difficult to find your audience. Don’t worry, now you can easily attract your audience through buy Instagram followers Canada via an authentic services provider like It’s a very simple and secure platform for getting instagram account services.

What Type of Blog You Want to Guide

Before you can blog on Instagram, you need to decide on your blog type. There are three important types.

  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Expert
  • Commercial

Later there are instagram account online stores that usually sell their goods, business accounts. You can find out more about them here. Now we are interested in the first two types.

Instagram account-Lifestyle Blog

It’s you. Your lifestyle, your thoughts, your status. And this is the most common category of blogs on Instagram. The competition here is so great that it is almost impossible to advertise the “just about” profile. First, you need to create a personal brand on instagram account before people are interested in your life. And it’s easy to do it with the right theme.

To decide on this, answer the important questions to you:

  • How is my life different from others?
  • Who is helpful and interested in what I’m talking about?
  • What practical benefits can I bring to my customers?

Do you like to learn languages? That’s good! Write about it. Life hacks, training platforms, books you use. If anyone wants to learn English or Spanish, they will find and retain useful information in your account.

The most important line is simple: The most enlightened, unique personality/life profile of the central idea for a lifestyle blog should be. You have to remember something, something different from others. If you are a student and a film journey, write about the other. There are a lot of ordinary students. Those who love movies.

Instagram account-Expert Blog

These are professional instagram account. He is a specialist in his field. You should know better the subject of an expert account. You can create ideas e-mail for Instagram posts from everyday work.

  • Tell interesting events at work 
  • Share your skills from your business.
  • Tell us how you came to this profession, what he took to study and do;
  • Consult your specialty.
  • You can enter the Question-and-Answer column, where you will answer users’ questions about your subject.

Expert blogs are such free professional advice. Remember that if you are an expert, all information will want to be reliable. The ratio of your work should be in the account 20/80 because for such bloggers, users come for “utility”.

Yes, it is more difficult to run a specialist blog than a lifestyle. But it is easy to keep an audience. However, you know exactly what can be useful to your reading – your expert skills and knowledge.

How to Create Posts

The main assistant of all bloggers is a content project designed for a personal blog. You must not only decide which pictures and in which order to post, but also decide what posts to write under these pictures.

How to create content:

Instagram account-Select Column

Which you want to touch on your blog. This is the structure of your plan. Notes can be published once a day/week/month. The main thing is consistency. The maximum number is three to five titles. It can be a review of your travel, family holidays or evenings, movies, or books you read for a lifestyle blog. For an expert blog – “Q&A”, work matters, life is very much in your field of knowledge.

Select the Type of Posts.

Interview with interesting individuals (expert blogs), user guidance, theme manuals, or constant story-tell.


Write all the talking points of your interest. What do you desire to share with your fans?

Filter All the Extra Point

After brainstorming sessions, you want to fit everything around you into this project. Cross all columns and publications that are not appropriate for your main title and do not give practical benefit to the reader.

Instagram account-Create a Final Plan.

Create a grid with cells. If you plan for a month and plan to fast, create thirty cells. Post the rubrics. For example, on Friday – “Q&A”. Write the titles of posts in the rest of the cells. If it is difficult to display a title in a post, continue publishing. They should follow each other.

With the help of the content project, it will be easier to advertise the blog on Instagram. Regular fasting will retain the attention of the current audience and attract a new one. Frequency – Three posts a day to three posts a week. Frequent posts can be boring.

The central rule – when choosing a blog concept and title of letters – is not to force one’s writing about what you’re not interested in. Even if you think this title is now at the top and you will be able to attract its attention. The audience always feels indifferent. If you start writing about things that don’t answer you personally, you’ll quickly lose interest in your reader and blogging.

Listen yourself. Assess your abilities. Find your individuality. Then thousands of users and large amounts will not wait for you.

And do you think it is important to imagine the blog or go to the top of the rankings without it?

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