5 types of problematic tenants and how to handle them

5 types of problematic tenants and how to handle them

Buy and rent is a very popular method of investment particularly in the industry of Real estate development, and many investors are generating great revenue from doing this business. But, this business sometimes doesn’t seem so great when an unwelcomed tenant gets into your property and starts creating problems for you. As people do business to get a regular source of income, some of the tenants fail to abide by this and start delaying rent payment. Others play loud music and the community start disliking them and ultimately you are the one who receives complaints. Then come those who sublet your property without your approval and this is not much liked too. And last ones, above all of them, are those who do not understand the terms and conditions laid down in the agreement and start violating them. Today’s post is about difficult or bad tenants that become problematic for you, and how to deal with them.

5 types of problematic tenants

Starting from the types of bad tenants, that prove problematic for you later, here’s the list;

Problematic tenants-Non-payment or late payment of rent

The first category has people who occupy your property by somehow paying the upfront, but later when it comes to paying rent every month they fail to do so in time. There can be an underlying problem sometimes, but most of the times it is done out of careless nature of the tenant.

Some of the tenants are so stubborn that they don’t pay the rent for months, and don’t even feel sorry on that. For such a condition you should convey in a strict tone that either pay your rent or leave my property.

Problematic-Tenants Disturbers of peace in the neighborhood

Then comes the class that remembers to drag all the furniture, hammer nails, and play loud music at night time. Residents of any society won’t like such people in the neighborhood, because in every society there are patients, old people, and kids living by who get disturbed by such loud activities.

The problem that arises in such a situation is the neighbors do not complaint directly to the tenants, or in some cases they do it once or twice, but all the chaos falls eventually on the landlord. Landlord’s phone rings all the time, and every time there is another person from the neighborhood that’s complaining about the ongoing chaos in the society. In such condition warning your tenant about the consequences comes handy most of the times. And, sometimes the tenant can also be threatened by someone from the neighborhood that says we will file a civil suit against you, if you don’t refrain from doing this again.

In large societies it has been observed that people take a house on rent and start subletting it to the other people room by room. This doesn’t only increases human load on the property, but also chances of damaging your property also increase. In such case it is recommended that you should ask the tenant politely not to do such activity in my property beforehand.

Violation of the agreement

The tenant agreement is the only formal document that sets the legalities for both landlord and the tenant. Violation of these terms like, refusal to increase rent while it is clearly written on the agreement, trying to adjust security into rent, and many such things are a serious concern for the landlord. 

In such a case you can ask the tenant that he has to be ready to face any legal consequences that are coming his way. This method works, as people don’t like to be dragged into courts and police stations.

If a tenant doesn’t abide by all these things the landlord is left with no other option than sending legal notice to the tenant. In some cases the hardheaded tenants disregard these notices thinking them to be a joke or something.

If your tenant is disregarding your legal notices, the only solution left for you is evicting the tenant.

Civil lawsuit of eviction

If a tenant is not ready to admit any of their faults and is not leaving the property too, this makes them an illegal occupant of the space. In such a case you are left with only one option and that is eviction. You will have to file a civil lawsuit in the sessions court. Once the paperwork is done, the civil judge or magistrate will call both landlord and the tenant in his court on a specific date. After formal hearing of grievances from both the parties the judge will give ruling on the case, and if that’s in your favor it will be to evict the tenant from the illegally occupied property. You once again tell them to leave the property on their own, otherwise you can call the police, and leave the rest on them. 


May we never have to face a problematic or bad tenant, but if in case it happens, this guide will help you through the process. If it doesn’t work you can call the relevant police station or a professional lawyer to get assistance from them on how to handle the problematic tenant. You can also hire a trusted real estate agent to make this process of lending smoother and more convenient. For any queries regarding real estate buying, renting and construction you can always contact us. Our diligent and hardworking team will always be there to serve you on their voices and physically.

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